Client Testimonies

Dr. Ed Mills, Vice President California State University Sacramento

Edward Jones brings a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to his coaching sessions.  He is a very good listener and is able to capture the essence of what is important to the individuals he works with in an efficient manner.  In this way, he makes a great coach for busy professionals who may not have much time to try to tease out their challenges and opportunities.  In my personal experience, I’ve found Edward to be extremely helpful.  He listened to me, helped me clarify what my real issues were and enabled me to come up with some strategies for moving forward.  I would recommend him highly.

Julie Carroll, Assistant Director Student Services Center, California State University, Sacramento

Working with Edward has been instrumental in guiding me through the challenges of embarking on a new professional endeavor. His balance of listening and sharing his wealth of experience and ideas has helped me to identify and focus on successful strategies, while remaining true to myself. The advice that Edward has given me has made me feel supported and championed in the pursuit of my goals.  

Dr. Alysson Satterlund, Associate Vice President, California State University, San Bernardino

I have known Edward for nearly ten years and have often sought his thoughtful and sophisticated counsel to inform my professional concerns. In doing so, I have benefited from his deep knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of workplace dynamics. As a woman leader, I am often navigating unspoken and deeply engrained social norms regarding gender. Edward's coaching has been invaluable within this context.

Charlene Martinez, Associate Director of Integrated Learning, Oregon State University

Edward Jones is a steady coach who always knows the right questions to ask.  His thoughtfulness and attention to my deepest roadblocks has enabled me to focus on my goals and address what matters most.  Edward has helped me reconcile and restore my faith in my work as an agent of social change. With his coaching, I know I am a better version of myself at work and at home.  

Jackie Morris-Henderson, Stewardship Coordinator, California State University, Sacramento

I have known Edward Jones since 2006, when he served as the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs- Campus Life, at California State University, Sacramento. He has always been willingly to provide professional advice and mentoring to staff and faculty without hesitation.  Edward has a unique style in his approach to working with myself and others. As one of his mentees, he encouraged me to visualize my future.  With his support, I became excited about my professional and personal opportunities.   He has been inspirational to his peers, and others who have worked with him in different environments.  Edward continues to have a phenomenal ability to help others grow successfully in any situation.    

Dr. Tina Jordan, Assistant Vice President. Student Retention and Academic Success, CSSU

Meeting with Ed Jones as a Coach is what I needed-I was feeling stuck with nowhere to turn. Ed makes the impossible seem possible—I'm moving forward with positive and solid recommendations—thank you!