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Love the work, but have co-worker challenges?

If you answer “yes” to all 3 of the following questions, let’s chat.

What’s working? 1. Stimulating work  2. Good pay and benefits 3. Promotional oppotunities

The items listed above are wonderful, but most people don’t work in isolation.

What’s not working? 1. Gossip, 2. Mixed messages, 3. Cliques

Poor work relationships cost American businesses and other institutions $100 billion annually in lost productiviy due to absenteeism, turnover and passsive aggressive behavior.

Could work-life be better?


Mission driven organizations don’t have winners and losers. When leaders, colleagues and direct reports come together as a team, everybody wins.

What are the benefits?


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Why Work With Me?

I believe work relationships work for those who work on them.

Organizations can be a combination of toxic, tolerable or win-win environments. Bosses, subordinates and peers inadvertently or intentionally create tolerable at best, toxic at worst situations. Poor work situations negatively effect employee morale and the bottom-line. As a former administrator, now Life Coach, I believe
work relationships work for those who work on them. I help individuals and leaderships teams work on and resolve issues that hamper comradery and productivity.

“Edward, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that the Executive Director has been very pleased and upbeat about the work you two are doing together. She, and we, are sure you were the right person at the right time. You are doing a great service to the organization and to the clients we serve.”

Board President
How Much Does It Cost?

Consider this…

What is a functional and happy workspace worth to you? My recommended plan of action is custom because you and your situation are unique. Don’t wait to experience the transformation that you’ve been hoping for.


Identify dysfunctional patterns


Align goals and behaviors


co-create win-win culture

Office Politics The Right Way

This book is for anyone who wants to enhance work relationships and improve productivity.
Edward L. Jones, MBA,

MS Higher Education, BA History, Certified Life Coach.

Learn the Science

“Not only does this book teach you how to optimize your heart and brain health, but following this plan can even save your life.”
Daniel Amen, MD

New York Times bestselling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Edward Jones

Edward served as an Associate Vice President at California State University, Sacramento, Director of University Housing and Dining at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and Vice Chair of a 100-million-dollar credit union in southern Illinois. Through his 35-year professional career he learned how to create win-win work environments through trial and error. He was able to survive and thrive in office situations and wants to help others do the same.
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