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  • Are you aware of the current fads and trends in the workplace?
  • What trending issues affect your organization the most?

Leaders/managers use fads and trends to bolster productivity and interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Leadership gurus introduced fads like “The One Minute Manager,” “Situational Leadership” and “Who Moved My Cheese” to name a few. Organization leaders use fads to enhance and trends to monitor employee productivity and work relationships – the main things.

Fads use techniques to motivate leaders. For example, the key techniques of the “One Minute Manager” are the one-minute goals, one-minute praise, and one-minute reprimand. “Situational Leadership” consists of these four techniques: telling, selling, participating, and delegating. “Who Moved My Cheese” provides techniques about how to deal with change. Trends represent organizational change personified.

Over the past few months, I have shared my and the work experiences of others in my blogs. Then I wondered, are my experiences relevant in today’s workplace? Does the adage, “The more things change, the more they stay the same,” still apply? After comparing our longitudinal experiences, the twelve trending items for 2023, and the nine anticipated trends for 2024, I answer, yes. Read on.

Fads will come and go, but there are at least twenty-one overlapping trends that may be with us for a while. AI, hybrid, and DEI are three that are top of mind nationally.

AI and automation have and will continue to change the way business and other things get done. Some see it as a threat to jobs others see it as a way to help employees become more efficient. While others believe AI will plateau and not deliver on its potential. One thing is for sure AI and automation will be trending well into the future as they will change the way we work and play.

Hybrid work arrangements will add a new dimension to work-life balance. Nearly half the workforce prefers to work from home. According to an Omdia survey worker productivity has not been diminished by remote work. In addition, commuting costs are eliminated while reducing child and/or elder care for those who have those issues. This trend could be here to stay as well.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) was trending in 2023. According to Accenture, companies were losing over a trillion dollars a year due to their lack of DEI efforts. Companies that boosted their efforts in this area and used metrics and KPIs to track progress supposedly laid the groundwork for positive outcomes in the years to come. However, the forecast for this trend has changed significantly for 2024. After a lot of pushback, many DEI programs have been shelved. Organizations that continue DEI will integrate its values into business objectives, daily operations, and culture. It remains to be seen how this item will trend in 2025.

No matter what fads or trends are in vogue, productivity, and interpersonal relationships are the main things. Never lose sight of them because the more things change the more they remain the same.

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