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As you know, I am, The Edward Jones, a certified Life Coach who works with natural leaders who want to be successful at work and at home. I help them identify and use the necessary skills to become more productive at work and engaging at home. If you have asked yourself one or more of the following questions, I am here to help.

How can I be a more effective leader?

How can I navigate a toxic work environment?

How can I enhance my relationship(s) at home?

I believe that workplaces are more than just places to earn a living. It’s a means to establish a well-rounded fulfilling life. You achieve that life by balancing work and home. A lousy work situation can affect the home environment. Let’s take a look at the work environment first. I believe that people can make significant positive contributions to organizations in their own unique ways if the environment is healthy.

Sadly, many workplaces are not. Based on personal experiences, observations, and conversations, I know many people are in less-than-ideal work situations. Bosses, colleagues, and subordinates affect the quality of work life. People often bring that toxicity home. Who wants to live like that?

Now imagine waking up every morning excited about getting to work. Being in an organization with a boss everyone wants to work for—one who acknowledges employee contributions and peers who work collaboratively. I think most people would like to be in a place where trust, integrity, comradery, and empathy abound. Organizations with win-win work relationships exist. I experienced them.

Whether at home or work, I want to help you give yourself the best chance to live the life you desire.

Continue to imagine being in a collaborative work environment and then going to happy home life. You can make that dream a reality for you, your family, and your future. Why settle for less? Go to my website, sign up for a complimentary session, and lets discuss the possibilities! You can reach me at (916) 205-3515 or