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  • What are you grateful for?

  • What Do you take for granted that needs to be acknowledged?

You might not know who Wally Amos is, but I am pretty sure you have heard of him, and probably eaten his Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies. I have had my share. Other than his cookies, I did not know that much about him. After hearing part of his life story on the Power Me Up Radio Talk 24/7 Profitable Podcast Summit, I bought one of his books. This man exudes gratitude even though he grew up the product of a broken home in the deep south where Jim Crow laws were in full force. After his mother and father divorced neither parent had the interest or resources to raise him. He lived with his mother for a while, the relationship was strained. He was sent to live with a compassionate aunt who taught him how to bake cookies. After dropping out of high school he joined the military which gave him a good foundation. He started at the lowest level at every company in which he worked, then moved up the ranks because of his positive attitude and contributions. 

No matter the circumstance, he remained positive and grateful for opportunities that came his way. At 86 years of age, he is still exemplifying an attitude of gratitude. His road was not easy; the odds were against him, but he succeeded despite them. There are lessons we all can learn from Wally’s story.

Gratitude manifests for me in my morning meditation. Every day I express gratitude for another day of life, sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. I am grateful for things as simple as a good night’s sleep, for my body functions, health care, and things as great as curing my recent bout with cancer. I am grateful for and continue to pray for my relationship with God my creator. I am thankful for and continue to pray for my relationships with my wife, children, extended family, and friends, with God in our midst individually and collectively. I am grateful for the resources to live a comfortable life. I am most thankful for my gifts, the people who support me, and the opportunities presented to me. I am grateful for a successful career in higher education and my new career as a life coach. At this very moment, I am thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with family. I don’t have everything I want, but I have everything I need. Happy Thanksgiving!

Could gratitude improve your life at home and in the workplace?