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Do you believe AI will radically change how we work and play?

What do you need to do to get on board the AI trend?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game changer. I was shocked and amazed that Chat GPT was able to write last week’s blog for me. By simply typing, “write a blog on work relationships” it wrote a very nice article in less than three minutes. Could a human being do that? It usually takes me about two hours to research, draft, proof, and forward a blog to my Administrative Assistant to post. I wonder if the recent articles I research are written by humans or Chat GPT.

I have mixed feelings about AI. On the one hand, it will make work and other aspects of life easier but diminish our ability to think and do for ourselves. I hate to admit it, but I sound like my parents and grandparents. They were concerned that typewriters would negatively affect our penmanship or handheld calculators would lessen our ability to calculate in our heads. Those concerns are not unfounded, my penmanship is horrible. Even if I calculate a simple equation in my head, I double-check my cell. So far, I am happy with the tradeoffs.

Over the ages, humans have been creating ways to get things done faster and easier. It became much easier to move things around after the wheel was invented. Farmers needed large families and animals during the Agrarian Age to help till soil, plant, and harvest food. Today’s technology makes it possible for farmers to produce more food for more people with a fraction of the labor. The Industrial Age made mass-producing products we take for granted today easier. The Information Age occurred in the middle of my career. At one point in time, we were using a mainframe computer to process data and produce reports, in what seemed like a short time, everyone had a PC on their desks.

AI is in the process of creating more radical change than the Industrial and Information Ages combined because AI simulates human intelligence processes. AI uses algorithms to process large amounts of data quickly, searching for patterns, and correlations to make predictions about the future. I read that Chat-GPT will transform and reinvent business functions for breakthrough innovations. AI techniques can CREATE realistic text, music, and other media.

Once again, on a scale of 1 to 10, rate your knowledge of how AI will be used in the workplace in five years.