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For the past year and a half, I have described what I do and how various office situations were addressed. Today I am going to tell you who I am. I am also going to share representative testimonials from previous consultations and clients.

I am a Certified Life Coach, author, inspirational speaker, and podcast host. Before becoming a Life Coach, I served as a university associate vice president and vice-chair of a credit union board of directors. I gained a great deal of experience and insight about workplace relationships in those positions. The Coach Training Alliance (CTA) certification program, refined my ability to see through the eyes, hear through the ears and feel the world as others experience it. I listen to leaders and stakeholders then help them coalesce around a common purpose.

I published my first book, Office Politics the Right Way: 7 Principles to Create Win-Win Relationships in the Workplace two years ago. It is available on Amazon. Visit my website, to learn more about the book and how I work with leaders and their teams.

Here are two representative examples of what clients say about me:

“Edward Jones brings a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to his coaching sessions. He is a very good listener and can capture the essence of what is important to the individuals he works with in an efficient manner. In this way, he makes a great coach for busy professionals who may not have much time to try to tease out their challenges and opportunities. In my personal experience, I’ve found Edward to be extremely helpful. He listened to me, helped me clarify what my real issues were, and enabled me to come up with some strategies for moving forward. I would recommend him highly. Dr. Ed Mills, Vice President California State University Sacramento.”

“Edward Jones’ coaching sessions were warm and welcoming, yet thought-provoking and strategic. He allowed me to express my goals for myself and then helped me visualize the process thus turning it into an action-based reality. I highly recommend others to experience the essence and expertise that is Edward Jones. -Melissa Muganzo, Academic Counselor for the Division of Social Work.”