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Those who have been reading my weekly blogs realize I am a certified life coach who specializes in healing work relationships: office politics. Go to my website: and take the work relationship survey. If you or someone you know could use my help contact me. Did you know toxic office politics can create debilitating health conditions in individuals and is very costly for organizations?

The term office politics triggers unpleasant memories or highlights a current situation. A lot of people can tell stories about a duplicitous boss, colleague or subordinate who made their life miserable. These are the individuals I initially thought of when starting my coaching practice. I empathized and wanted to help them navigate polluted, office political waters. Then realized that I could make it so much easier for individuals to navigate by working with leaders (bosses) who could purify those waters by changing workplace culture.

When three or more people are present, office politics abides. I believe that office politics is necessary, but not necessarily evil. Office politics is like money and time. It has value but is neither good nor bad. What matters is how it is used. Humans consciously choose to use it for good or evil. In some cases, they unwittingly leave it to fate.

Fate can be cruel. So rather than letting fate be the master of your organization, take control by using office politics in a manner that best serves the organization and the people who work there. Unchecked and unbridled office politics can be and most often is destructive.

Can you imagine waking up every day excited about getting to work? A place where servant leaders acknowledge your contributions, and colleagues worked collaboratively with you. Most people would like to be in a place where trust, integrity, comradery and empathy abound. Those places exist. I created it and as a certified life coach is looking to help others do the same.

I am finding out through my podcast radio show, (WRM) Work Relationships Matter, that a lot of people enjoy their work. However, many more are not. Those who don’t describe their work as just ok, or down right intolerable. I help leaders turn those work environments into places where productive work and positive relationships flourish.

I help bosses become servant leaders who turn toxic work spaces in to win-win workplaces. Servant leaders not only have employees’ hands, but they also have their hearts. When leaders have employees’ hearts they will do more than is expected. Change your thoughts, change your destiny!