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I host an internet radio show (podcast) called Work Relationships Matter. My call letters are WRM. The purpose of the show is to help listeners enhance work relationships. Our guests have had success in their careers. I invite them to share insights, techniques and strategies they use to enhance work relationships and productivity. Before discussing what they do, I want to know more about who they are.

If you have attended an organizational mixer or conference there is a good chance someone walked up to you and asked: what do you do? It is a common ice breaker. Many people wrap their identities up in what they do. If they lost their jobs, they would be lost.

While it is hard for people to separate their work from their identity it should be done. At one point in my career, I was at risk of being used as a scapegoat for political expediency. At that point I realized that what ever happened my identity was intact. I am a Christian, husband, father, friend, fitness buff and so much more. My faith sustained me.

Who a person is will determine what he or she will do well. It will also shed light on why they do what they do. It is the foundation of their story. I help unpack their story by asking if they chose their career of if by circumstance it chose them. People who choose their careers are self-starters, come early and stay late. Those whose careers choose them can learn to love their work, but some are there primarily for the money. Who would you prefer to work with?

During the podcast interview, I ask what’s the toughest issue they’ve faced and how they handled it. My listeners can learn from the experiences of others. There is nothing new under the sun. Listeners need to know that they are not the first or the only person who has experienced a particular problem. Sharing stories can be life changing and life affirming. Your story could help someone. If you believe you can help others, contact me and be a guest on my show. You could help change someone’s thoughts and change their destiny!