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Workplace coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the country. Just like sports teams, organizations are filled with talented people. The difference between good sports teams and great ones is coaching. The workplace is no different. The boss/supervisor is analogous to the quarterback and under pressure in a dynamic environment. A coach can see activity from a different vantage point with a trained eye.

Like anyone else managers are creatures of habit. Most start out in a new situation with creative ideas. When things are going well or even if they aren’t it’s easier to stay with the familiar. Unless it gets really bad, they may never consider getting an organization check-up. If check-ups are good for your car and your body, why not get one for your organization? This is where a coach can help uncover blind spots as well as stimulate possibility thinking.

I attended a Futurist presentation a few years ago. The speakers asked us to brainstorm products and services that had not been invented yet. Everything we brought up was already designed or being beta tested. That experience was eye-opening. I had unconsciously chosen managerial comfort over cutting edge exploration. As a result, I started looking at old processes in new ways. With a coach I would have gained that insight much sooner.

Since retiring, former staff and colleagues encouraged me to consider becoming a Life Coach. They felt I could help others as much as I helped them. I was certified three years ago. Based on my experiences and training I specialize in workplace relationships (Office Politics). I enjoy coaching because it is a thought-provoking and powerful process of communication and problem solving. The relationship between a coach and client is co-creative and leads to lasting results.  To learn more about my coaching practice visit Have a great year!