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“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong [at the worst possibletime].” – Murphy’s Law. 
I am an optimist by nature but every now and then, technology gets the best of me. I had a different topic in mind for today’s blog until my desktop computer went down.
I started the day in the usual way: meditation, prayer, exercise and a healthy breakfast. After chatting with my wife and son I sat down and turned on the desktop. It powered up and the following message appeared: “Alert! The AOWAC power adapter has been detected, which is less than the recommended 65 W adapter originally shipped.” What does that mean? I had no idea, but it meant that I couldn’t get to Word documents or anything else. I check email, text messages and social media on my cell phone and iPad, but 90% of my business work is done on the desktop. I have a laptop which I rarely use.
This is frustrating because I have a lot to do today.  On the other hand, my situation pales in comparison to so many others, but it underscores the need to pivot. After all it’s not what happens, but how I handle it. This is my opportunity to practice what I preach. No sense being upset, I’ve learned that every minute spent complaining is one less spent addresing problems. I went into problem solving mode.
I dealt with the issues within my sphere of knowledge and then asked for help.  My daughter and Administrative Assistant, is a God-send. She went to work and filled the gaps in my knowledge.  All of the issues are not resolved but I’m well on the way to getting back on track.
Murphy gave me lemons; with help, they were turned into lemonade in the form of a learning opportunity. My outlook and attitude are helping me get through it. I changed my outlook and now looking forward to a better outcome!